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D.M.P. Engineering Ltd. holds a wide spectrum of satisifed customers. Many of them are glad to share with us their benefit from our products.

June 5th, 2006

"Dear Aviva,

DMP Engineering

We have been incubating eggs of parrots, pheasants and other birds for many years using other makes of small incubators. As you are aware we purchased an Incatec 100 Incubator from the UK agents several months ago.

When incubating valuable eggs it is essential to have confidence in the equipment and to be able to monitor small fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The Incatec 100 has proved to be more reliable and more sensitive to fine adjustments than any other that we have used. As a result our success rate in hatching and hand-rearing parrots has increased significantly.

In addition to this, perhaps the most impressive part of our purchase has been the incredibly high quality of after-sales service that we have received from you and your colleagues in Israel. In recent years, our experience is of falling standards with regard to many service providers and manufacturers, who, having made a sale, immediately lose interest in the customer. So, it is very refreshing and helpful, especially when requiring important and urgent technical information on parrot incubation, to be able to contact you and receive specialist help immediately by telephone or email.

We are planning the purchase of another Incatec 100 incubator later in the year.

Thank you again for all of your help and for providing a first-class product.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Annie and Dr Phil Ratcliffe Cowal Bird Garden"


"Dear David,

The INCA 100 has to the most practical of all incubators around. So little to go wrong, so much to gain. So far, we have had 100% hatching. We have put Greys, Cockatoo, and Pheasant, Quail, Macaws and amazons eggs and hatched most of them. Most of the eggs were laid on different days. (We have hatched eight different Cockatoo types) The most amazing thing about this incubator is the strength of the chicks, after hatching. The funny thing is... "We look for the most difficult thing when something does not work as it should?" Mine did not turn the eggs after playing with the switch. I e-mailed Aviva and with in a few minutes she phones. Well to cut a long story short "Check what you play with" the switch was not locked in the right position!" The LORY 10 has to be the best. Out of the incubator into the LORY. No, more sitting and setting the home made "Brooder box". (My wife puts a small dish of water in side) I did not think that the LORY 10 would be necessity here in S. A. because of our climate. How wrong I was! D.M.P thank you for a very practical and simple incubator.

Cheers,Sam Calder Wartburg South Africa"


"Dear Mr. Vishnia

D.M.P. Engineering Ltd.

Many thanks for the wonderful temperature chambers that you made especially for My laboratory. Your cooperation and help in design process, as well as your attention To the little details, resulted in a very useful and reliable product that meets the high Standards necessary for scientific research. The chambers are easy to use and allow us to carry out experiments and to take videos Constantly without disturbing the nestlings or compromising their physiological conditions.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Arnon Lotem Dept of Zoology Tel Aviv University, Israel"